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Mould Abatement Services in Courtenay, BC

Mould is a common form of biological contaminant in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. If the walls and window-sills of your home or business address are damp, you may see fungal growth across them, which gives off a musty smell.

Worry not. Our certified experts at Glacier Environmental bring you tried and tested mould abatement and remediation techniques. We identify, assess and remove mould using top technologies to restore your environment. A locally-owned and operated abatement company, we serve Courtenay, BC and the areas of Central and Northern Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast, Parksville and Comox Valley.

Mould Abatement and Remediation

The challenge with mould is that it begins within a surface such as walls. As it grows, mould can cause a range of health issues beginning with allergies. While one option is to clean off the mould, this is not the best idea - especially if not done by professionals - as its spores can spread.

Apart from safe mould removal, our meticulous abatement and remediation processes treat the mould to reduce its growth and dispose of damaged surfaces through environment-friendly means.

Hazardous Material Removal

Toxic substances at one’s place of work or residence pose a considerable health risk. One example is asbestos, which was once a popular product in the construction industry.

Our qualified professionals remove all kinds of hazardous materials, including mould, lead and Zonolite vermiculite, to keep your surroundings risk-free. Contact us today!

Need Help with Mould Remediation?

We are available 24/7.

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