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Hazardous Materials Remediation Specialists

Work and Live in a Risk-free Environment

We detox commercial and residential sites from hazardous materials.

Hazardous Materials Abatement and Remediation Company in Courtenay, BC

Glacier Environmental provides restoration of contaminated sites for safeguarding human health. Utilizing the latest technologies, we provide hazardous materials abatement and remediation services for buildings containing toxic materials. For the health and safety of occupants in industrial facilities, commercial buildings or residential homes, our team is qualified and ready to help you with the safe removal of asbestos, Zonolite vermiculite, lead, and mould. We are fully certified in the identification, removal and environmentally acceptable disposal of asbestos-based products in both residential buildings and commercial facilities across Central and Northern Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands & Sunshine Coast.

We Cleanse the Earth

We established ourselves as restorators of contaminated sites in 2010, but our expertise comes from an experience of 25 years in the construction industry. We want to make a difference in our clients’ lifestyle and living standards by giving them a clean and healthy environment to live and work in. Since our inception, we have gained years of experience producing pristine and pollutant-free working and living spaces. Our professionals have years of experience. Our team has grown and evolved into a company that pledges to put its shoulder to the wheel in fulfilling the requirements of our clients.


If you are not sure about the concentration of hazardous materials you are exposed to, you can go through WCB regulations or, better yet, call us Our team can run your samples through our collaborator lab for analysis and provide you with the risk levels and other info associated with them. We also provide free estimates for our services.

What Sets Us Apart

With years of experience, our team at Glacier Environmental is committed towards safe, hazard-free and sanitized homes, and workplaces, for our clients across Courtenay. 

Our professionals have forged a bond with our community, who rely on us for our 24/7 service.


Our approach is to understand your concerns by listening and welcoming your remediation issues. Our team will study the project and provide a detailed plan and timeline. Finally, our experts experts work with dedication  tosanitize and remove hazardous waste material from your apartment, commercial facility or workplace. We provide our services in several places like Comox Valley, Campbell River, Parksville, Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands.


Whether it’s a condo, townhouse, warehouse, commercial buildings or an auto shop, we are the pioneers of purging your property off toxic materials.

What’s Our History?

We are the restorers of contaminated sites.

Want to Cleanse Your Home From Toxic Materials?

We can help.

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